Union Street

Has anyone else heard of this play? Or am I alone in my ignorance?

Fair Em

Fair Em

I rather fancy seeing it, and have put out feelers to theatre loving pals. It’s on at the Union Theatre in, um, Union Street. Yep, they stayed up all night thinking of that name. It’s a fringe venue housed in a railway arch and run by the indefatigable Sasha Regan. If you have caught the tube to Southwark, then walked to Tate Modern following the guiding orange lamp posts you’ll have gone past it.
Union Street, Orange Lamp Post, Railway Arch, and Shard

Union Street, Orange Lamp Post, Railway Arch, and Shard

You’ll have seen the Shard too. This is Southwark. Seeing the Shard from wherever you are is now virtually a Southwark requirement. Actually I can see St Paul’s from the end of my street too, but I won’t go on about that or you may want to hit me and I am fragile. Back to the Union Theatre. I could write lots about this theatre, but I shan’t, at least not now, because I haven’t got much time. Just make a note of it, especially if you like musicals, which I understand is a particular love of Germans.
Across the street there is the fascinating Box Shop which was selling a cardboard dolls’ house for £35 last time I went in. If only I had the space. If you go there, a word of warning, there is a step just inside the door where you don’t expect one. It is very easy to make a much more dramatic entrance into the shop than you intend.
There’s also a pub. The Lord Nelson. It is on the edge of Nelson Square which was an attractive Georgian square until the Second World War. Now it is less attractive, but still a square. Percy Bysshe Shelley used to live there. I have never been inside the Lord Nelson, and don’t anticipate doing so any time soon. Yes it has a nice sign, though it could do with repainting.
Lord Nelson Sign

Lord Nelson Sign

Just a few days ago, the pub still had its bunting from last year.
Bunting and Flamingos

Bunting and Flamingos

The Union flag was in existence when Nelson died, but what is the connection with flamingos. And more strangely, why is Horatio shown endorsing burgers?
Nelsons's Burgers

Nelsons’s Burgers

Now, I have read a thing or seven about Nelson, but never have I read about his passion for and interest in burgers.

You learn something new every day.


10 thoughts on “Union Street

  1. you should pop into the nelson, friendliest pub in southwark by some way, fantastic home-made food and sweet staff… it’s a really nice place to spend an evening with friends.

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