Eighteenth Stone: Socks Knocked Off

I am a big fan of the Reader Organisation. So when I saw there was a version of A Little, Aloud for Children I wanted to see it. But I didn’t expect the first entry, a poem, to blow me away. Treat yourselves, read it aloud, let the magic unroll and take you somewhere you didn’t know you were going.Instructions


23 thoughts on “Eighteenth Stone: Socks Knocked Off

  1. Reblogged this on A New Day and commented:
    This is only the second time that I have reblogged but Isobel gave a real gift with this one. The poem touched me where I am right now but am sometimes afraid to live. Thanks…

  2. That is pure magic and I’m spellbound. Thanks so much Isobel.
    I’m having a magical evening, just watched a film called Ondine that used the Selkie myth!I feel lucid dreams coming tonight.

  3. American Gods, by Mr Gaiman, is astonishing! He is one prolific writer. Somewhere I have a link to a commencement address he made about being creative (I think). I shall go find it and leave it for you.

    • Oh I am so pleased you like it Maria. The lines about the months of the year sitting around the fire have stayed with me all day. You should be receiving a small package from me any day now.

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