MasterB in the Snow

Ignore the shaky camera behind the camera if you can. We didn’t have much snow last year, and London is being let off lightly this time round too, but MasterB had quite a lot to say when he explored our newly white garden this afternoon.


23 thoughts on “MasterB in the Snow

  1. Wow! Master B I’m soo jealous! The snow looks like so much fun! It’s so cool how you leave snowy footprints! My humans are stuck in London because the snow cancelled their flights this eve. You look like you’re enjoying it! Bisous Bailey

    • He is a very vocal cat, and he talks to himself outside quite a lot too. Yes, I like the way his coat shows up against the snow. He is starting to get used to it. But it may that it has thawed tomorrow.

  2. He doesn’t sound or look too pleased with that strange white stuff invading his garden!! We got just a little dusting of snow. And may not get any more!
    Hugs to Master B!

    • Hi
      He seemed more at ease in it this morning, but not keen to go out again. The day has been really dull and the skies look full of snow, but we have only had a few flurries so far. The children are disappointed.

  3. Can’t see videos BUT I’m sure MasterB is somewhat upset that his garden is covered in COLD STUFF. Perhaps as you say he will get used to it – it is pretty to LOOK at but a bit cold on the toesies!

    Pam (and Sam)

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