Twentieth Stone: Decision Making

The cat’s eagerness to go outside settles into a silent watchfulness in the open front door. He seems unperturbed by snowflakes landing on his whiskers, but unsure about this bright world where passers by crunch along the pavement. The icy draught around my ankles, and the cold cold metal of the door handle I am holding make me less patient with his need for time to make his decision.
He retreats to the stairs several times. I think he has made up his mind, but no, back he goes to the door once more. My right hand is now so cold it is painful. I am watching my breaths curling out into the white air, when he stands up, jumps down the step and heads for the garden. Inside, I wrap my grateful hands round the coffee mug, then cook fried egg and mushrooms for breakfast.


15 thoughts on “Twentieth Stone: Decision Making

  1. Sam drives me nuts with his indecision at the door too…..when he turns around from his “halfway out” stance to look at me I’m wondering if that’s him asking “do you think I’ll be OK out there????”………


  2. This brings back so many memories of cats wanting to go outdoors but then changing their minds once I got up and opened the door for them. This was in northern US. Then were nights when it was predicted to get to below O fahrenheit and our tom wanted to go out to prowl but we knew he would have frozen pads by morning.

    • It’s the way they would like to just settle for a while in the open doorway, with me waiting that I can’t deal with. Cat was just the same. He would have liked a good fifteen to thirty minutes there. OK in summer, but not now. Minus something C at night, not sure what and no idea in F!

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