A long and busy day, with no time to read blog posts. Hopefully, I’ll catch up over the next few days. Spring is round the corner. I came out of the British Museum the other day and the sky was still light at nearly five o’clock. A spot of sunshine makes such a difference too. These aren’t the most attractive or well maintained railings in the world, but sunshine lends them a kind of beauty.



Enough beauty to make me think about how railings can keep you out, keep things safe, how they can be defensive and protective, or just a plain barrier, or a clear boundary. Somehow barriers have a negative connotation, but being boundaried is sensible and balanced.
And the relaxed lean of these railings is somehow so much friendlier than a military precise white picket fence.


12 thoughts on “Railings

  1. Love it! These types of detail give an area character – and I love my character as I am getting older. Or should I say old? Thanks for noticing these and sharing.

    • On cold grey days they just look sad, but when the sunshine hits them, they are transformed. glad you like them. I don’t like over sanitised neighbourhoods either. Just as well, given where I live!

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