Half Hidden

It is bitterly cold again this afternoon, with a chill wind that cuts through you. I was doing the washing up, and I noticed something russet on the wall in the middle of the leaves.
The fox was asleep.
I took a photo, as you might expect me to do.

Half Hidden Fox

Half Hidden Fox

She stirred, the greenery moved, and I wondered if she were about to sit up. But no, she was settling herself down more snugly in her bed, and seconds later she was completely hidden.
Hidden Fox

Hidden Fox

Last night the foxes were noisy again. It’s the mating season, and it sounds like the spring is going to be full of fox cubs.


7 thoughts on “Half Hidden

  1. It’s so interesting to see foxes so at home in the city…..that one (as suggested on another post) must be using the warmth of the wall and of course the tangle of vines to stay cozy even on the coldest of days. Amazing. Well captured photos too Isobel!!


    • I love seeing the cubs welcome their parents home when they are just old enough to leave the den. Their ears flatten, their tails wag. BUt I have never caught it on camera. Maybe this year…

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