A Perfect View

The sun shone on the Shard and on us. Staff said they thought we had the best day for our viewing. It was wonderful.


26 thoughts on “A Perfect View

  1. Whew!! Look at those views… and doesn’t Nelson’s Column look completely hemmed in?!! Ahhh the Gherkin is still my favourite new building in London.

    Going to book to go see in March and take no1 son and his girl. It’s a must-do, My fear of heights won’t kick in if I’m imprisoned behind glass… 🙂

    • No, I think you’ll be fine. Take your time, and you’ll soon find you are so enjoying sight spotting, the height isn’t a problem. The lifts make your ears pop though!
      I didn’t think I had got a picture of Nelson’s Column. Can you help me?

    • Being early was good. More people arrived and it got crowded and harder to see as the morning went on. I asked about evenings, and it’ll be open until ten, so a summer evening would be fab.

  2. Great pics! You got a good day! I think for those who end up going up there when it rains.. bit unlucky! I’m more of a video guy so I didn’t get many pics but I made a video!

  3. Hi Isobel, it was 10am and it was pretty crowded. I do hope they crowd control otherwise it’s going to be a horrible experience. I use a Panasonic G1 Lumix camera.. it’s only recently that I discovered how great videos it captures so now it’s become my video camera – I don’t take pictures anymore!

      • Yes sorry G2… I’m quite a novice with cameras!

        Ah ok you may spot yourself in the footage then. Actually I got 10 gigs of footage but a lot of it was useless!

        • Did you stay a long time? We left after about an hour when it got busier. I didn’t see any of us on your film, but I may take a closer look. Was it Sunday when you were there too?

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