Twenty-Seventh Stone: Wonderful

There are some days, when the sun shines, when you visit somewhere amazing with friends, and share the experience, then walk with them along by the Thames to a great lunch in a lovely restaurant, and you laugh and eat and exchange stories, and you marvel at how your life can be this wonderful.


21 thoughts on “Twenty-Seventh Stone: Wonderful

  1. Then the richness of being has touched you, it is wealth greater than dollars, gold and diamonds -not all would agree. Even days when the weather is intolerable, unforeseen domestic troubles; all it takes is the right words of another human being can be what it takes to marvel at the wonder of it all.

  2. Yes!! I am glad you had a wonderful day. I had that kind of day yesterday! Well I didn’t walk by the Thames.. πŸ™‚ But I did have comfort food in the oven and sun after some rain in the morning and friends on The Porch!

  3. Hear, hear! (I think I am often ‘hear, hearing!’ on your blog, Isobel) So true – and how marvellous that is! I’m so glad you had such a lovely day. I had a similar time helping a friend bath her new dog on Sunday! She was as good as gold (the dog, not the friend!)
    What a nice post

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