Twenty-Eighth Stone: Returning Cats

Having not seen Sonny, our resident feral, for over two months, I had begun to believe he was dead. There’s been no sign of Ginger either, and what with the snow and the low low temperatures, I wondered if he might have turned up his toes too. So delight yesterday morning when Sonny emerged out of a bush looking very healthy and glossy and yelled at me for some breakfast. This morning he was there again, and this evening. Though from the way he speaks to me you can tell he thinks service could be improved.
Master B was coming in out of the rain, when he stopped and stared across the road, and there was Ginger. He crossed and MasterB looked a bit wary. After all, last time Ginger was not very friendly. But it was a happy cat who walked up to us and a bit of mutual headbutting occurred on the pavement as passersby smiled. He lifted his head to my hand to be stroked, and both cats went into the garden.
Hurrah, my boys are back.

12 thoughts on “Twenty-Eighth Stone: Returning Cats

  1. My boys have the same manners. When Miles is hungry he puts his paw in his empty bowl and bangs it on the ground. If you don’t respond he keeps it up and will move the bowl right in front of me. Att will just bite me.

    • My neighbours tell me their cat Rosie is not happy. Sonny has been through the cat flap and eaten all her biscuits. Cat used to bash his bowls together when he wanted food. MasterB wraps himself round my legs.

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