St Paul’s West Front

This isn’t the picture i meant to post tonight. As I said earlier, I came home minus my little Olympus, and I don’t know where I lost it. I shall try two places tomorrow and hope it is in one of them. With fewer police stations about, my chances of it being handed in if I dropped it are remote.
I took this picture last week with my Lumix. It is of the West Front of St Paul’s cathedral.

West Front, St Paul's

West Front, St Paul’s

It’s not a picture I could have taken with the Olympus, but I like to carry it with me, and it has a super lens. I took some pictures in Mayfair with it this afternoon. It was only when I wanted to download and look at them that I realised I was Olympus-less. I am not a happy bunny.


14 thoughts on “St Paul’s West Front

    • I know Isobel loves her little camera, but I would like to put a word in for my little camera too!
      Nikon coolpix, S8000 – it is small and fits in a handbag r pocket and does close ups very well. All photos on my blog are taken with it. It is less good at action shots…

      • So does the Olympus… It has a great lens. But I like the Nikon Coolpix too. Didn’t I recommend it before you got yours? I have Olympus loyalty as I have an old Olympus Trip and still love my OM 1.

    • The Olympus u is brilliant but I am not sure it is made any more. I had it in my hand the other day when I was in a camera shop asking about spare batteries for my Lumix, and the man was rhapsodising about it!

  1. Oh your poor camera, I am beginning to worry about it being separated from you. Sounds like you two have been together a long time. Now that’s a BIG CITY picture with some beautiful clouds. I hope your camera finds its way home Isobel.

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