Oh joy! One of my phone calls in search of my little Olympus camera bore fruit. I had to describe it and say when I thought I had lost it. A trip late afternoon restored it to my hand and we are now reunited.
So, to celebrate, here is a photo I took with it yesterday on an arts and crafts building in Mayfair of a sunflower motif in some railings.



Somehow it seems appropriate.


30 thoughts on “Reunited

  1. Your sense of joy reaches these distant shores! Now that Olympus is safe and sound, I wonder what The Gods been up to these days. Any plans for a chapter or two?

  2. Sad when a friend disappears but happier times when they return from the Land of the Lost. A celebratory arts and craft photo nothing short than homage to Olympus. Clever.

        • Yes, and I was impressed that I had to describe it. I dropped my ‘phone in a hotel a few weeks ago, and again had to give details about the make and colour before they even admitting having a ‘phone. I guess some people just ask for ‘phones, cameras etc on the off chance.

        • And I believe there probably are, don’t you? Random acts of kindness are the norm I think. But somehow we are trained to focus on what is wrong. It makes me think of Jon snow’s post about the Olympics.I’ll look for the link tomorrow, but am only still up and here so that Masterb can have a run around before I lock up.

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