Of Mattresses, Bulky Waste and Displaced Cats

I called the Bulky Waste team today to tell them their services were no longer required. I had left my old mattress outside ready for collection tomorrow. I wrapped it in the polythene of the new mattress and attached a note with the reference number. When I got home yesterday, the polythene was in the road and the mattress had gone. It seems someone else has decided my old mattress still has some mileage. I was a bit surprised, I put the polythene in the bin and wondered if the team had come early, though it seemed unlikely. Today’s call confirmed it hadn’t. It was a horrible day yesterday, and the one thing I don’t get is why the polythene was discarded. It would have kept the mattress dry. I suppose it also made it more difficult to carry.
My new mattress is deeper than the old one with the net result that the bed is higher and it feels a bit like The Princess and the Pea. Or being afloat on a blue carpet sea. It is definitely more comfortable than my old mattress, and I am so glad I got it.
There are two drawbacks that relate to the increased height. The head of my bed is under the window; I like to open the shutters and lean back on the pillows looking up into the sky; MasterB likes to sit on the windowsill and look out into the garden. Being that much closer to the sill means his tail swishes across my face. The blanket I have folded across the foot of the bed no longer reaches the floor. That means MasterB cannot hide in its folds anymore then rush out to ambush me.
We shall both have to get used to these changes. It shouldn’t be too hard!


18 thoughts on “Of Mattresses, Bulky Waste and Displaced Cats

    • By Norris Beds. I recommend them. My previous mattress came from there too. And whoever took is is more than welcome, but it does make me wonder and feel rather sad that they should consider something I should consider not good enough to sleep on anymore worth taking.

  1. If it was a mattress with springs, it’s probably been taken for scrap metal. I had a mattress taken by our regular “rag and bone” men (they shout rag and bone but only pick up metal!) on that basis.

  2. It’s always such a gamble, getting a new mattress! We got one recently, and happily – like yours, it has paid off!
    It is strange isn’t it, how a change in mattress brings on that ‘princess and the pea’ feeling! So funny you should say that, because it’s always how I feel too.

    You’ll have to invest in a new blanket…

    • This was probably less of a gamble than most as my last mattress came from there too. When I went in to talk about getting a new one we discussed what it should be made of as I didn’t want any animal hair recovered from abattoirs, so mine has coir and cotton. It is lovely to lie on.

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