Trouble in Paradise

Walled gardens used to be called paradises, hence Paradise Street in SE16 where Edward III had a home with an extensive walled garden. So here we have our own little bit of paradise in London. The tops of the walls are particularly attractive to cats, foxes and birds. Occasionally the odd squirrel runs along them too. The top of the wall was where I first saw Cat, making his confidently through the thick vines we then had; the new Young Turk on the block. They are also the trysting place of MasterB and Scally, his tabby girlfriend.
They were hanging out together on Saturday morning.

Hanging Out

Hanging Out

MasterB became aware of me and turned around.



But he was unaware of a less contented observer.
Rosie on the Warpath

Rosie on the Warpath

Rosie was on her way. MasterB has really got under her fur. The way he drops into her garden, visits Wanda Over the Wall, and generally makes free of the environment seems to really bug her. In the past, Cat used to keep her firmly in her own garden, sometimes making her retreat into her house. But the worm has turned. I see her appear suddenly on top of the wall moments after MasterB has sauntered by her windows. She does not look as though she intends to ask him round for tea. Previously, she would crouch on top of the wall and watch. Now, she seems intent on Having Words.
On Saturday, MasterB hopped off the wall to investigate something, and Rosie crouched down behind the vine. I don’t think MasterB or Scally knew she was there.
I Can Watch From Here

I Can Watch From Here

A few moments later, MasterB reappeared, glanced at me again, and jumped down our side of the wall, heading towards our gate. Rosie went back the way she had come.
Return Journey

Return Journey

I think she was gathering intelligence. This morning, MasterB again dropped in on neighbours the other side of the wall. As he disappeared, Rosie scuttled through the vine and when he jumped back up, she went for him. Cue one very surprised Ginger Ninja. He is faster on his feet than she is, so he came to no harm, but he was obviously quite taken aback by the experience. When I went out to find him, he was looking up at the apparently empty wall and his tail was swishing from side to side.
“There’s a big black and white cat hiding behind the vine,” said one of my neighbours helpfully.
The summer promises to be quite eventful.


29 thoughts on “Trouble in Paradise

    • To be fair, Rosie has been quite friendly to me when I have been inside her house, and Cat did resent her being in her own garden. So she may have learned a trick or three from him.

  1. I love the “gathering intelligence” comment. Undercover Cat. What a lovely childrens’ story! :-)ou

    Interesting what you say about ‘paradise’ meaning a walled garden, Isobel. We have a hamlet called Paradise in Gloucestershire which had a pub in it called the Adam and Eve. The perfect conjunction was achieved when the sign went up outside; “Godsells Ales.” πŸ™‚

    • Interesting to know if it had a walled garden of note in it at some point. Godsells as in one word, a brand? or God Sells? πŸ™‚
      I could waste days watching the cat politics. Close as I’ll ever be to David Attenborough’s life.

        • That has made me feel a lot better! Mind, am taking plane to Belfast on Friday…
          Now what is the history behind a name like Godsells? Reminds me of that old graffiti outside a church where there was a notice saying ‘Jesus Saves’ to which some wag had added, ‘but Keegan scores on the rebound.’

        • Found this reference – seems like a local name – ” I have connections with the GODSELL’s from the Stroud area, they were Brewers. Godsell & Sons, Salmon Springs Brewery, Stroud. Founded by 1877. Registered 1905. Aquired by the Stroud Brewery Co. Ltd. in 1928″

          Love the Keegan story! πŸ™‚ Safe journey on Friday! Look forward to your reports.

  2. Reminds me of my own ginger cats (Leo) wars with the neighbours, he came off worse quite badly a few weeks (new boy just moved in a few doors down) ago and after a couple of nights in the animal hospital and a week in an Elizabethan collar he has lost his night time exit rights as the vet told us 80% of turf fights happen during this time.
    Mr B does look lovely though.

    • Ah poor love. I always feel a bit guilty about things like this as Cat was very territorial, motto ‘wherever I swish my tail, that’s mine’ and thought a day without a fight was a day wasted.

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