Of Holidays, The Cattery, The Kitten and Cameras

The bag is packed. MasterB is at the cattery. What a rotten thing to do to my boy on Valentine’s day. He hissed and growled at the other cats. He was not happy to be there. I picked him up and popped him onto the cosy faux sheepskin bed under the heat lamp and kissed him goodbye. Then I snuck off to reacquaint myself with the kitten.
I had already seen her through the window. As soon as I rang the door bell she had looked out at me, rolled on her back and turned on the charm with a force Mae West would have had problems equalling. How she hasn’t got a home yet is a mystery. As cattery Chris said, she certainly knows how how to sell herself. She is so confident, so friendly, a real character cat who loves people. Apparently she settled in at the cattery (she’s in the house) from the moment she arrived. Various people have expressed an interest, but have concerns about how their established cats will react. I’m in the same boat. And I know MasterB doesn’t want her here.
There’s also a three-year-old ginger and white needing a home. His owner moved into sheltered housing and there were lots of rumbles from other residents. Honestly, people can be so short-sighted and mean. Apparently the owner was well able to care for the cat. So if MasterB should pal up with this ginger and white boy over the next seven days, I could be persuaded.
The kitten is quite unfazed by the cats in the house, even taking sniffs at Tom who I have mentioned here before. He is sometimes called His Malevolence as he likes to get his own way, is a complete showman and gets very annoyed with any other cat stealing his limelight. He is usually ready to greet any visitors as they come through the front door. He bullied his last owner and now lives permanently at the cattery, and lying in the kitchen sink is one of his favourite things.
Reluctantly, I left the kitten playing with Chris’ arm, and drove home.
In my bag there are thick jumpers and lots of socks. It’s mild here, but looking at the forecast, it looks like it could dip where I am going to be near Lough Neagh, and being cold isn’t really my thing. especially in someone else’s house. I am only taking my little camera. Now I have typed that, I am wondering if I should change my mind. Around five o’clock this evening when I had no time and no camera, the light was amazing.
I could be kicking myself.


24 thoughts on “Of Holidays, The Cattery, The Kitten and Cameras

    • I took it out, then decided I was being silly and put it back in again. I already have a large and heavy book in my hand luggage, plus lunch. So the Lumix and lenses would have jostled for space.

  1. I hoping MasterB takes to the ginger! The initial introduction into the home may be rough, but they seem to work it out on most occasions. Saying that, I know Atticus would not work it out. You know MasterB better than anyone, you’ll know the right thing to do. Have a wonderful trip and I hope the cold stays away.

    • I may contact the Cattery to see if they can try the two of them together and see if they get on. I still have reservations about having two cats, and Ginger would be my preferred option, but seeing this boy was very tempting, especially I was passing on the kitten!

  2. Enjoy your holiday Isobel…..bundle up……I’m sure MasterB will forgive you on your return (eventually!) and let’s hope that ginger and white cat becomes MasterB’s best buddy and you can take them BOTH home.


    • I know people say that their cats sulk and ignore them when they come home, but I have never had that experience. Both Cat and MasterB have been more than forgiving.
      I hope MasterB has got over his distress at finding himself at the Cattery last night and is no longer hissing or growling at his neighbours.

  3. The best photo opportunities always happen when no camera is around. Have a great trip and I’m sensing we’ll be welcoming a new kitty arrival ๐Ÿ˜‰ Go on, they’ll all settle in well together if given enough time and patience.

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