Waiting for everyone to board and a very full plane. At check-in, I asked if it was ok to take my little pot of lip salve in my hand luggage. Yes, said the girl politely. Just pop it in a plastic bag. I headed for departure, pausing only to look at a rather nice wheeled weekend bag that was on sale. I couldn’t see any plastic bags. I asked a girl in a blue uniform. I might have asked the policeman but he was busy on his iPhone. She pointed, and answered, “Over there. One pound fifty for two.”
My jaw dropped. If tat had been mentioned at check in I’d have put it in my big bag. Fortunately my lunch had been in a plastic bag, so I oiked that out and put the tin in it, reasoning that I they said it would not do I could leave it behind.
Luton airport is my new favourite. I flew to Barcelona from here years ago and it was horrible. Small dirty and crowded. I vowed not to go here again. Then last summer, the most convenient flight to Belfast was from Luton. I steeled myself and booked.
My how it’s changed. Still small, but clean and a lot less busy than any other London airport. I love the way they are all called London when self-evidently they are not. This one is Bedfordshire, and I got the train. The stop before is Harpenden which is very des res. Hertfordshire has so much more cachet than Beds.
The pound fifty charge was a shock, and security was the new normal of having to half undress and queue to put items and person through scanners. But once over, and past severe and plains clothes police, you’re in a neat little departure area. Stansted wins in that they have a water fountain where you can fill your bottles, but this is a short flight, so I bought a bottle of fizzy water from the branch of Boots.
Most people have boarded now. They are putting the last bits of luggage in the hold. The sun is shining and I have a window seat.
Let’s hope Cousin remembers I’m coming and is at the airport.


8 thoughts on “Aflight

    • I think we should be told at checking that there’s this charge. I was ok in that I had a plastic bag I had my lunch in, so I took it out and used that. My lip salve tin is half empty. It would be better economically for me to buy a new one rather than the plastic bags.

  1. You have to pay for a palstic bag now? I learnt an expensive lesson a couple of years ago – I put an expensive bottle of L’occitane freshening spray in my hand luggage on a long flight home, going out its easy to remember coming back is completely different. I had to bin it, lucky airport staff.

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