Westie Boy and His Cats

There are two new kittens at Cousin’s. Pretty and sociable, but hard to photograph as they hurtle by at speed or climb into your hands, the dangling camera strap a potential toy.



Westie Boy is rather rough with them, so can only spend time with them under supervision. The female stands up to him, and largely he leaves her alone, but he has managed to grab the ginger and white one and now it flinches from him which seems to ignite Westie Boy’s inner bully.

The Big Cat has so far ignored the new additions to the family, and she keeps out of Westie Boy’s way as far as felinely possible. She is still Queen of the Bathroom, sleeping in her basket behind the warmth of the hot press during daylight hours, climbing out to meet and greet her acolytes when they go in to have a shower or use the loo.



7 thoughts on “Westie Boy and His Cats

    • I hope when they grow up it’ll be better, but he’s a bit rough at the moment. The female headbutts him and rubs against him, so she isn’t afraid. However, he dispatched a hen the other week so Cousin isn’t taking chances.

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