Today’s Kitten Pix

This picture will have to be a greeting card. He is so pretty and the colours were just a lucky match.

Meanwhile his sister enjoys the climbing frame of the flower trellis, and has cornered the local market in sweet facial expressions.

I bought them some toys this afternoon and they have been playing with them outside, but it was too dark for photographs. I shall hope for sunshine tomorrow and active kittens.



14 thoughts on “Today’s Kitten Pix

    • Currently outdoor with their own little house, and Westie Boy is often barred from the area where they are playing. they are making incursions indoors which will probably increase as they get bigger and doors and windows are open wider and more often. The Big Cat is not happy.

    • So that they can come in and out? I have no complaints bout the weather. It has been clear and dry, with blue skies in the day, then cold at night. Evidence of spring all around, but not time to discard the warm jumpers yet awhile.

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