Walking With Westie Boy

I am having some problems resizing pix on the iPad. While they are definitely smaller, the focus is clearly impaired so maybe I shall need to do some editing when i get home.
I do like a sheep with attitude, and this one seemed keen to see what we were up to.

Westie Boy and I enjoyed a walk down the road and up the hill yesterday afternoon. A few years ago I would walk Cousin’s dogs in a big circle, but there’s a section along the main road and the traffic is fast. Only a short stretch has a pavement, and the last time I walked along it I felt lucky to survive the experience.
Westie Boy had to be reminded that sheep should be ignored. I wanted to look at the lambs, but it was a bit of a struggle.
Among the neat new houses, some remnants of old farm buildings remain. In the sunshine, the rusty red corrugated iron appealed to me.

This is my favourite:

I have been so lucky with the weather. We have enjoyed blue skies and sunshine. On my walk I didn’t even need a coat. I wore my gloves, but I could have managed without them. Amazing.


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