Freewheeling Hols

I think I have found a gap in the holiday market. Escorted cycling weeks for non serious cyclists who are happy to do twenty-five to thirty miles a day on undemanding terrain, enjoying a bit of sightseeing, the odd beer, café or packed lunch, and a light evening meal.
If I change some of the criteria, eg serious cyclists who want to ride for sixty miles each day and are not into sightseeing, but love gourmet meals in the evening, there are lots of matches. There are even matches for the same demographic group who want normal sized meals in the evening.
But non-serious cyclists plus light evening meals seems to be a non-starter. Which is, coincidentally, just what I want. No starters is fine by me. I am also happy to skip pudding.
I thoroughly enjoyed my cycling holiday initiation in the Netherlands last year. I learned lots; get proper J-Lo cycling shorts; apply lots of Vaseline or a better product to the nether regions before applying foot to pedal; do not expect your Dutch bike to behave like your crossbred Ridgeback; every evening spent over three course meals in local restaurants are not my thing.

So between other things I’ve been surfing. I found a lovely holiday by a well known company on bike and barge back in the Netherlands, but they even give you your packed lunch, and I do like a mosie around local shops, and the chance to try new stuff. Making my packed lunch for me is not an incentive. But the killer was the promise of those three course evening meals.
More surfing and an independent small company offering a similar holiday. I sent an email asking about single supplements and vegetarian meals. The reply came today. There’s a fifty per cent single supplement and an extra five euros every night as “any diversions from regular meals means separate cooking and separate purchase of ingredients” and they are still three course meals…
The fifty per cent supplement bugs me too. The idea of sharing a room and en suite, even with a close friend, let alone someone I don’t know from Eve, is something I avoid. I’d expect it in prison, but not on holiday.
So if anyone out there knows of a simple cycling holiday, minimal hills, with a guide, since abdicating responsiblity for knowing where I am going, or at least how to get there, is part of the joy of walking and cycling hols, in Europe, in August, do please get in touch at once. You can even reserve me a place first. I need to get the cattery booked asap.

18 thoughts on “Freewheeling Hols

  1. I hope you find your bicycle tour quickly. Tho’ I do think you’re onto something about a market niche. Especially with your intimate knowledge of your city. I imagine a bike route laid out, with all the fun eateries and shopping attendant! Arrange small B&Bs, take “us” on a bike ride, and let us nose about the sights, then it’s back to the B&B. <:-D

    And I helped!

  2. 25 miles sounds like the perfect distance each day. I’m surprised that biking holidays have 3 course meals each night. Not sure why, but that surprises me. Good luck finding what you want

    • I don’t mind paying a single supplement, but I do object to paying extra for vegetarian meals, and holidays where a huge meal every evening is included in the price!
      You and Sue, who has been emailing me, have been doing a grand job sleuthing possible hols. Thanks!
      I need to get down to some work, but I shall follow up the leads.

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