Of Daffodils, A Happy Cat and Spring Sunshine

St David’s Day tomorrow, I shan’t be wearing a daffodil, but I may have leeks for dinner. Yum. The days are lengthening and the sunshine has made a welcome return these past couple of days.
I am finding it makes me want to dawdle and take my time, to peer at plants in the garden and watch the sky. Bad news for the outstanding bits of paperwork cluttering up the sitting room, but probably good for the soul.
I’m not the only one enjoying the promise of spring.

Here’s MasterB in the garden. One happy cat. Anyway, enough procrastinating. Time to get back to the paperwork.
Have a lovely evening everyone.


29 thoughts on “Of Daffodils, A Happy Cat and Spring Sunshine

    • Isn’t he just? But failing me in the companion animal department this morning as he just wants to be outside!
      I hope it warms up for you soon. Yesterday afternoon we had a cold wind, but it got two lost of washing dry on the line so I am not complaining. 🙂

    • I couldn’t get any! had to completely rethink dinner. But I did get three bunches of daffs which are slowly opening on the bathroom woindowsill. V tempted to post a video clip of Men of Harlech…

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