Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details – Alstromeiria

I think I understand the challenge, but maybe not. These are macro pix. Does that count? They certainly make me notice the detail.
I may post again, details of buildings I think. But for the moment I give you the beautiful alstromeiria that i have in my bedroom.

For more about this challenge, click here.

31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details – Alstromeiria

    • Me too! And they are gorgeous. All the different colours. My favourite is the white that is almost green, but I haven’t seen that lately. I have flame red ones in the sittingroom.

    • Another fan of this flower I see. 🙂 yes I am spoiled at the minute; I have alstroemerias, tulips and daffodils in vases, then my second lot of blue hyacinths flowering away, and the amaryllis.

    • Thanks. It is one of the photos I took the other week when I was staying with my Cousin in Ireland. Lovely springy lambs. At primary school we were next to a sheep farm, and we used to watch lambs being born, so they always have that spring resonance for me.

    • I often find that I start out with a tall bunch, then the leaves start to go, I cut them down, put them in a new vase. Some of the flowers pass they best, more trimming, another vase, so by the time the last are dead, they have been through several transformations and feel like a lot more flowers. I had some before Christmas that lasted well into January.
      I am interested that they have such a fan base!

    • They are my favourites. I love the tiger stripes on such a gentle looking flower. In the garden they are leggy and can spread. We need ours to spread as they look much better in numbers. They last and last. I’ll see if I can find a picture of some of the greenish white ones. M&S are selling two bunches for £5.

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    • Thanks Frizztext. I have a feeling the challenge was more about a close up detail of something larger rather than macro, but where one is the same as the other becomes blurred.

  2. I think it is a beautiful picture for lost in the details! I had to google these because of the name.. 🙂 They looked like mini tiger lilies to me.. 🙂 And guess what? Haha! So pretty Isobel. I need some flowers. If we ever get out of our driveway again, I’m buying some flowers and some split peas for soup! Hopefully today or tomorrow…..

    • Tiger lilies suits them so well! Wasn’t she a character in the Rupert Bear stories?
      Are you still snowed in? Dry here, chilly, gloves needed but glimpses of blue sky and weak sun.

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