Mother and the Men of Harlech

I got a message from the care home about Mother this morning. The manager had been to see her yesterday and found her listening to her Welsh Songs CD. Highly appropriate as yesterday was St David’s Day.
This CD was an accidental purchase. It was in the wrong case. The case said it was Irish Songs. But Mother likes it very well, particularly the stirring songs like Men of Harlech.
The manager enjoyed it too. He is Welsh, and apparently was inspired to sing to Mother. He wasn’t sure if she smiled or grimaced, but I do hope he goes back and repeats the performance. I am sure she loved it.
So for those of you whose blood has not been warmed by a Welsh Male Voice Choir for a while, here’s a treat to put a flush in your cheeks and a smile on your face.


12 thoughts on “Mother and the Men of Harlech

  1. I went to a Welsh University and for the expensive black tie Summer Ball (I only got to go once) where they booked in popular music acts, Beatle tribute acts, and big names (Rolf Harris being the biggest in my time there) they always had a Welsh Male Voice Choir and, compared to the trendy/expensive/famous elements, I always thought that this was an ironic booking and couldn’t take it seriously in that boozey student context… Until I got to see it and I saw how seriously everyone took it. It goes to show you live and learn… and that I should have gone the year Rolf was playing.

    • I take it you didn’t join a choir?
      It is rousing serious stuff, and although I am not Welsh, it still touches a chord in me. Maybe it is a sentimental chord, which would go with boozeyness!

  2. Love this Isobel, as the traditional songs of Wales have been playing in my head since St David’s Day. How lovely that the manager sang to your mum! Let’s hope that happens more than once 🙂

    Not sure if you know the comedian Michael McIntyre – very popular yet very loathed by some. I like this clip of him performing in Swansea…. enjoy 🙂

    • Thanks Jan. I watched a few different ones on YouTube and this was the one that did it for me.
      I am so pleased about the manager. Fingers crossed he’ll do it again. Maybe I should be asking him to practise Danny Boy for 17th.

  3. One of the nurses used to sing with, and then to, my mum. She loved it.
    Early on in her stay, when she had decided (not for the last time) that she was moving home, we had a review meeting with the social worker, The Brother and I, the manager et al. What did mother decide to sing?
    My Way.
    The Brother and I were both in tears, and the social worker wasn’t far behind.
    Subtle wasn’t her way 🙂

    • Wonderful story. An old school friend is about to be ordained as a chaplain. She sings, she acts, she dances. Unfortunately she is nowhere near Mother, but the elderly folk she visits should benefit.

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