The Nemesis Cat

A few weeks ago I posted about Rosie who has decided that MasterB’s insouciant wanderings and explorations need curbing. She has set herself the task of teaching him a lesson. She has become hi nemesis. Stalking him along the wall, lying in ambush, watching and waiting; she has a full time job.
Here she is on Sunday, crouched behind the vine again. MasterB is with Scally.

Three's a Crowd

Three’s a Crowd

Today I received an email from owners. They had read the post and the comments. They attached a photo showing her lying on her back in sunshine.

Rosie sunbathing
How, they asked, could anyone call a cat like this grumpy? You have to admit they have a point.
She was busy patrolling again this afternoon. MasterB was investigating the neighbours’ gardens. I watched her. I called her. At first she glared, then she seemed to recognise me, narrowed her eyes and settled down on the wall. I missed the moment when she went home, but there were no fisticuffs.

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Maybe harmony will prevail after all.


14 thoughts on “The Nemesis Cat

  1. Rosie does let you scratch her tummy (when she feels like it…) but always tolerates our 7 year old’s antics and lets Sonny – the local feral black beauty – share her food.

    • Hi Jo, yes I could watch them for hours. Btw I have tried MasterB on Applaws cat food. It is approved by PETA, looks like proper food, doesn’t stink and he cleared the plate. It is expensive, but it meets criteria for feeding my pet meat from animals that have not spent their entire lives in misery. I have just ordered a load of it. There are some offers here. Also they sent me a couple of free samples to try him on first.

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