I know it’s a risk of overkill, but I am high on spring flowers. Please bear with me. These are my beautiful tulips, sighing and shining in the March sunshine.

Tomorrow, if the sun is still shining I mean to take photos of the crocus in the park. Today they were so wide open they were nearly flat, but I had an appointment and needed to hurry.


11 thoughts on “Tulips

    • I got some more last night too. When I taught I a big comprehensive I sued to buy them for our dept and we all had them in our classrooms. Daffodils is such a famous poem this side of the pond it’s funny to realise it is not so well known stateside. Glad to introduce you to it.

  1. I hope the sun comes out today, not looking good at the moment though. Love the flowers and you can never have too many flower shots.

  2. Steve Lohn
    Hi, my wife Mary bought some tulips.. The bulbs with leaves were in a vase of water, they did bloom and were very pretty. My question is now that the flowers have wilted how can we restart or store the bulbs. I understand that they can bloom again more then once. If you have some information on this, my mail is: sl.rainforest@gmail.com

    Thanks Steve Lohn

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