Flowers in the Park

I have a very tired cat.
He didn’t want to come in this morning and so spent around seven hours outside. Part of this time was with Rosie. I didn’t see what happened, only the aftermath with MasterB, his tail arched and fluffed up, landing back on our side of the wall and Rosie sitting in his and Scally’s favourite spot. He’s fast asleep on my jumper now. Not a squeak out of him.
My own entertainments were more peaceful. I came home via the park. It’s not as bright as yesterday, but the flowers are still delightful.


24 thoughts on “Flowers in the Park

  1. I can just picture MasterB sleeping off a day of fun, and some terror. The flowers are lovely. Did you use your camera or phone for these?

  2. Beautiful spring pics, Isobel! I notice the daffodils are all in bud around Cheltenham – ready to flower for the Cheltenham Festival visitors next week! 🙂

  3. Such a lovely color Isobel! We have the sun today but the snow still covers the ground except under the trees where there is a lovely(ick)muddy brown color. I will enjoy your happy flower faces looking up!

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