Silver Lining

The good news or the bad news? Which first? Usually we choose to hear the bad first and get it over with. So, finally deciding on a short list of a couple of cycling holidays, I called the cattery to check dates. Not good. August is almost booked out and the dates they could offer don’t work with my hols. I had hoped for a week away being active and a week at Cousin’s. Back to the drawing board. Oddly there is a walking holiday in Northern Ireland I quite fancy, and the hotel for the first half is in cousin’s local town, that could feel a bit surreal. I am tempted. Or walking in Guernsey, cycling on the Welsh borders. The NI option would mean a walking holiday that could be followed by a few days chez Cousine. So not terrible bad news. More inconvenient.
So what about the good news?
You may have already guessed. Izzy has a home.

I Call This My Andy Murray Look

I Call This My Andy Murray Look

Yippee! She is only a few doors away from the cattery, so I am hoping for pictures and news as she grows up.
A very lovely silver lining, and I think a pretty flower picture is in order.
Oh Happy Day

Oh Happy Day


12 thoughts on “Silver Lining

  1. I am so glad for Izzy, Isobel! Is this her new home (her forever home, I hope) on the picture?

    Have a nice day, here in Belgium it is sunny, but we were told to expect snow… 😦


    • No, the picture is at the Cattery where she was living while a home was found for her. She was in the house, socialising with the owners, with the other cats, with visitors, schmoozing at the window… I wonder if the neighbours saw her each time they passed the house and she treated them to a performance.

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