Amaryllis II

I am still testing out the little secondhand Olympus. This time I put it on macro mode. I am struggling to get the distance right, but somehow, blurred or in focus, my dying amaryllis still looks beautiful.

I’ll have another go later. The other amaryllis, planted at the same time as this one, has suddenly started to grow, so it looks like I should have another batch of trumpet flowers soon. Also, the hyacinths are dying back, but from one bulb, a new flower is growing. Magic!


20 thoughts on “Amaryllis II

  1. I think with you driving your little secondhand Oympus, it is doing a swell job. I bought a bouquet of flowers yesterday, they are in the sunroom and they make me smile. It really is the little things. Also visited the shelter yesterday, the petite little gray girl we wanted, a couple got to her first. There was a wonder taffy boy, Thomas but it didn’t feel right. He did have the cutest ginger rings on a tail with a kink in it. Good Afternoon Isobel!

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