Of Dying Flowers, Cameras, Last Classes and Dead Cats

The amaryllis is on its last legs but still strangely beautiful, especially close up. I met one of my neighbours on the stairs this evening, and was surprised when she said three times how much she loved the amaryllis . Now I am wondering what to plant there for the summer. Your suggestions are welcome..
Here is my amaryllis, delicately transparent in its dying:

I used my little Olympus for these photos. I do love that camera! Is it hideously disloyal of me to think of trading in my lovely Lumix G1 for a G3? I could keep both, but I have a feeling one of them would be left lonely in the cupboard.
There will be more amaryllis photos as the other one is sending up a green spear. Flowers growing are an every day miracle. Why aren’t we more amazed at what they do?
Last night was the penultimate poetry class. I have, contrary to my expectations, really enjoyed it. I am not sure how to feel that my most successful classroom oeuvres have been a reply to an unwelcome Lothario and another one about Hello magazine headlines, and I am pretty sure that Carol Ann Duffy won’t be reading my stuff and praising me on Front Row. However, I am thinking of buying the teacher a decent bottle of wine and giving him a card to say thank-you, and that is something I have never ever done at the end of a course in the whole of my adult life. Go Sean!
I’ll have a double reason to feel sad; the 20th March is the second anniversary of Cat’s death. Two years. Yet thinking of him still brings tears, as does looking at his photos. I didn’t expect this. No I didn’t expect it at all.


18 thoughts on “Of Dying Flowers, Cameras, Last Classes and Dead Cats

    • Oh Gilly, how animals enrich our lives and how their loss hurts us.
      Get your candles ready for 24th March. We shall remember them and celebrate the animals who live with us now.

  1. I was wondering about Pet Remembrance Day this year. My heart knows how you feel about Cat. I have a Z Cat tucked very close to my heart and others too but she was THE Cat. I think it is a most excellent thing that you enjoyed your poetry class.. 🙂 AND I don’t think it would be disloyal of you to purchase a G3. I would keep the G1. I bought a new Nikon D5100 a year ago and kept my D60. I keep my zoom on the D60 all the time on a tripod and put a lens that makes me happy on the 5100.

  2. Isobel I think it’s great that you joined the poetry class – I remember you weren’t sure in the beginning whether it was “for you”….and it has been. As for the amaryllis I’ve always enjoyed mine through ALL stages including the final gasp when they become transparent and so delicate. Pet Remembrance Day is tough for all of us who have loved dearly and lost a pet….no matter how much time has passed over all the many years I’ve had cats in my life, I still have the ache of loss in my heart for each and every one of them. But I also celebrate that I was lucky enough to have them in my life at all……a delicate balance.

    Hugs, Pam

  3. In 2004 I had to let my kelpie Tia of 17 years go over the Rainbow Bridge…there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of her and some moments still bring tears…for the loss of her in my life. It’s what they do…touch us so deeply we are forever tied to them. What a wonder.

    • It is a wonder. Today at the home, I really wished there were a nice relaxed, friendly cat who would sleep on Mother’s bed beside her, bringing her comfort and giving her company, just as Cat did, while she is not well.
      What companion animals bring us is beyond price.

      • Do they not have those in the home Isobel ? Our little one in town has a resident dog and people are encouraged to bring pets [so long as they are well behaved}.

        • There is a cat who loves downstairs and rabbits in the garden. Neither accessible for Mother. Sometimes the PAT dog visits. We were assured before she moved there that there would be many opportunities for her to interact with visiting dogs. There are some, but nowhere near as many as we would like.

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