Freddy the Gorgeous Boy 1994-2011

Tonight, around eleven o’clock, it’ll be two years since Cat died. A macho boy, he revealed his softer side in his love of flowers. Carnations were his favourites, which meant I haven’t had any for years. I suppose a bunch of them would be a fitting tribute to him
aka Cat Showing Off His Feminine Side
When I get home from my last poetry class, I’ll quietly raise a glass to him tonight, but on Sunday I’ll remember not just Freddy, but all the wonderful pets I have loved whether they have been mine or other peoples. And I’ll think about the wonderful MasterB too.
It has been a joy to know that the last two years many many people around the globe have joined in with this remembrance. I have heard so many lovely stories, and it is a very special feeling to know that people I have never met, as well as people I know, are lighting candles and remembering loved pets, and I hope this year even more people will join in. If you are new to this, last year’s post may interest you.


15 thoughts on “Freddy the Gorgeous Boy 1994-2011

  1. Count David and me in the glass-raising too Isobel…..I know what Cat meant to you……I know ever so well. I also know that I will be honoring all my former felines on Sunday along with many other people as we look back and remember those unforgettable furry faces, soft paws, and beautiful eyes full of love for their caretakers.

    Hugs, Pam

  2. I’ll be drinking a toast to Cat, Isobel. Our pets are defined by the love we have for them and the love they give unconditionally to us (ok. I’ll make an exception for food) and we can’t help but remember. 🙂

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