Carnations, Unfashionable Flowers

I haven’t had carnations in years. Cat used to eat them, pulling them enthusiastically from the vase. Actually, that’s not quite accurate, it was the leaves and stems he chewed, I don’t remember him eating the flowers, but I may have photographic evidence that shows otherwise. I reckoned he was attracted by their distinctive peppery smell. A smell these hothouse ones entirely lack, though I do have a bad cold, and perhaps I am missing something. So the buttery cream carnations I bought at the weekend in remembrance of him are the first I have had for a very long time. I have been staring at them. They were on the table and their shadows on the wall were delicately beautiful. I’ve moved them to the book table where they also look beautiful.
These aren’t the best photos, taken a minute ago without flash, but I was gazing at them again and decided to write this post. Maybe tomorrow I’ll manage some daylight photos that will do them more justice.

Still, they may make a pleasant change from my dying flower pix. Which reminds me, I have somed fading tulip photos to post at some point.
Somehow carnations went very much out of fashion. I can remember my brother-in-law raising a supercilious eyebrow when my mother received some as a gift. No one with pretensions to taste had carnations. True, there was a terrible phase where some florists dipped them in dye and rendered the flowers fluorescent, but it’s a bit tough to condemn a plant because of human crassness.
I have a feeling I shall be buying more carnations and being happily unfashionable in my choice of cut flowers.


20 thoughts on “Carnations, Unfashionable Flowers

  1. I like carnations too, but haven’t had any for years. The big ones we used to get in the early 80’s had the most lovely scent. Mum used to use lemonade to make the flowers last longer. Aspirin has the same effect I think.

  2. I preferred them when they had real scent. So many of the shop flowers have lost that now – even the stocks aren’t great. But yes, if you are all bunged up, you may be missing some olfactory nuances… 😉

  3. These have always been one of my faves. I’ve never been into fashion so I say buy them if they make you happy. Sorry to hear about your cold. I’m battling one as well and this cold weather isn’t helping.

  4. I enjoy carnations and when I buy a bouquet for the house I always make sure there is a carnation or two in the bouquet. Lucky for me that most food stores that sell bouquets generally use carnations to plump up the bouquet.. 🙂

  5. carnations are the favourite flowers of both my mom (pronounced mum) and they were also the favourite flower of my favourite aunt who passed away this past September. they simply last well, and even when there are some tight buds, many of them will open. and so of course, i love them, too. i wonder if that is part of the reason why some shops do not sell them – because they are not good for profitability. fresh carnations can last a few weeks if you occasionally cut back the wilted blossoms, whereas others may last only a few days.
    regarding the eating of the leaves, we found that when Timmy first moved in, he would go for plant greens, too. so we began buying cat grass at a local pet store. it is in a little planter, not expensive, and he goes through one every two or three weeks. and he hasn’t looked at any other plants since. but then he is an indoor cat – which he has been all of his life, so we thought we would continue with that. yours had the availability of grass outside, so who knows what prompted his behaviour 🙂 nothing predictable about cats, that is for sure! 😀

    • My grandmother loved freesias so they are a special fower for me. Alstromeiria last for ages and they are still easily available, and not, or not so far as I know, unfashionable. I expect some fashionista poked fun at them and that was that.
      Freddy ate roses too, and cornflowers. Lots of flowers. Everything I have read about cats eating cut flowers assumes the cats are indoor cats, but as you point out, he wasn’t.

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