Easter Plans Gang Agley

Easter last year, and I was afloat, wandering in the light with my camera around the marina.

Until a week or so ago, I was planning on much the same for this Easter. It would be a chance to chill away from the capital, spend some time with Mother and Aunt, to do some spring cleaning, to ready das Boot for the summer and see if I could finally get some decent photos of birds. Then a couple of things happened. The weather double backed and cuddled itself into its February guise. It snowed. The forecast predicted icy winds. It was spot on. Well done the meteorologists. The second thing was that I caught a cold, not one of those couple of sniffs and its over colds. No, this one was a humdinger; explosive sneezing, constantly running nose, a headache like Zeus’ after Hephaestus hit him to facilitate Athene’s birth. I started to rethink. Mother isn’t well and I don’t want to give her something that could prove fatal. A freezing cold marina is not a lot of fun, and don’t even think about the shower block, it is Baltic. Then the sun came out. My cold started to clear. With sunshine it could be bearable, I thought. Maybe ask Aunt if I could bath in her flat. Wrap up warm and check out the pub in the near village for a treat.
So this afternoon I headed out to the car meaning to taker it to be washed. My garagiste had recommended a place nearby. Not a moment too soon. A fox had pooed on the bonnet. Not a good look. The car wouldn’t start. Not the battery, but a padlock symbol. The car was immobilised. I looked at the manual. Something had gone wrong with the programming of my key. I tried the spare. Same problem. I went over to the garage. My garagiste is away, but his second-in-command came to have a look. By this time it was after five. He frowned. Maybe tomorrow, but he’s not supposed to be at work. So it looks like Easter will be in London after all. MasterB will be pleased. Despite the cold, he has just demanded to go out again.
Maybe I need to take another look at the camera I am interested in…
And I could snatch a few days in a week or so.

20 thoughts on “Easter Plans Gang Agley

  1. Sounds like a new camera is in order. You can spend some time posting pics of London for my enjoyment (is that too self centered?), and get some rest so your cold doesn’t have a relapse. What a frustrating week.

  2. Sounds like you were definitely not meant to go running around a marina in the cold, with a cold. Hope you get better really quickly and that your car troubles are sorted soon. Have a great (even if cold) Easter weekend.

    • It is still cold here too, but the sunshine makes it bearable! I am hoping my cold doesn’t morph into a cough. I am blowing my nose every few minutes and doing tissue relays. I have theatre tix for Weds, so I hope it has gone by then. Keep warm, and I hope that cough goes soon.

  3. Enjoy your London Easter Isobel…hope the cold is gone soon (both the tissue-related one and the weather-related one). We will sneak into the sixties tomorrow but have rain forecast for Easter Sunday. There will be plenty of das Boot days ahead – hopefully WARMER ones!


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