I may have to sack the cat. Or at the very least complain to the Companion Animals ruling body. Yes, he is affectionate, yes he does run to greet me, yes he does sleep on the end of the bed. But on a cold Good Friday night, where was he? Beside me on the sofa? No; out in the garden. He came in for his dinner, did a bit of nose rubbing and off he went again. I ask you, is this reasonable?


28 thoughts on “Complaint

  1. Absolutely not – especially in your time of need. But I bet by morning will do something so sweet as to melt your heart and all will be forgiven. At least he should be sweet if he knows where breakfast comes from. Has spring touched his passions?

    • The outside at night seems a very exciting place to him, I know he watches foxes, maybe he hunts too. It is too cold for me so I don’t stay to watch. But he came in and wanted a cuddle and then slept very soundly and went out without breakfast a while ago.

  2. Well, you ask is the behavior “reasonable” and we ALL know that what’s “reasonable” to THEM is entirely different than what is for us. Sounds like he made up for things before the night was over though! 😀


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