Art Quilt Completed

Art Quilt Completed.

I am in awe. This is so wonderful. Oh happy day that I idly looked to see if anyone had posted using liquorice as a tag. I could still be ignorant of the Scroobious Pip and her works. Poetry in a quilt.


8 thoughts on “Art Quilt Completed

  1. A magnificent first quilt and I really love that it was a joint effort…’s just gorgeous. I’m sending my sister (who is a long-time quilter) the link so she can check it out. I’ve gone to MANY quilt shows with her……this quilt is definitely competition worthy. The best thing is that it’s personal really for her and Andrew…..a real treasure.


  2. Isobel thank you so much for your kind words and this post. I think it’s hilarious that you found my blog via a tag for liquorice / licorice but I’m glad you did. It’s lovely to have some blog friends in the stratisphere and to be able to watch on their journeys.

    Thank you so much – and give your employer a hug from me. I have Licorice the tubby in my lap as I write this. She sends her thanks too.

    • It has been a pleasure. I think you were the only match I found for liquorice. 🙂
      Yes, I so agree, watching people’s journeys, or in this case the development of the quilt, is a privilege and very special.
      You could publish a key to the quilt to help the rest of us, or would that make it less fun I wonder?
      MasterB has just and a good wash and curled up beside me but I am going to leave him and have an early night. I gave a big cuddle when he came indoors though.

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