Yellow is a colour I associate with Easter, and so, it seems does my seven-year-old neighbour (the one who lives with Rosie the Cat). I know this because I received an Easter greeting from her this morning with the words Happy Easter in yellow and purple, and again in red and green. They were labelled helpfully with a luminous marker, Easter Colours and Christmas Colours. So now you know. She wished me lots of chocolate, and I haven’t had any yet, but that can be rectified later. Actually she wished me lots off chocolate, but I think that was just a bit of over enthusiasm with her curly letter fs.
It may have been her greeting that stayed with me, because when I went out for a walk a bit later, I started to see yellow everywhere. After a while I began to photograph it.
Here’s a selection.

Happy Easter!

22 thoughts on “Yellow

      • Me, too! And it is even better if they have seen a taxidermist. You do great with cats – I have tried dogs and none of them have been postable.

        • I didn’t photograph the dog I bonded with today, so I shall have to think about that. I met (and fell in love with) some huskies, though one is probably a husky malamute cross, and I plan to photograph them. I can see there will be problems. They are constantly on the go, and adhere to you closely. Maybe some close ups of their fur…

    • I used to go to Long Melford church with my mother most Easters. They always had a huge cross of daffodils on the inside north door, and a wonderful representation of the tomb in the south transept. I should go back and see if they still do it.

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