Today and Tulips

A beautiful sunny day in London, perfect for being out and about with a camera. But I had a list of tasks to do, and although I took my little Olympus, I haven’t yet looked at the photos, so these are from before I left home of my gorgeous tulips in the sunlight.



I finally made it to Hatton Garden to leave some jewelry in for repair, and paid my electricity bill in the bank next door where there was no queue. My local branch always has a long queue so this was another sunny moment. I sauntered along Holborn, taking some photos as I went, and called into the building society to make an appointment to discuss my investments. It sounds very grand doesn’t it. But I want to take out an ISA before the deadline and see if they have any ideas for ethical investments for my rainy day fund. There’s a new adviser. The last one was a bit stumped by my ethical request and tried all sorts of weasly answers. I had to spell out that I wanted to be sure I wasn’t profiting from children working, from arms trading, destruction of the rain forest, exploitation of prisoners, and so on and so forth. We didn’t get very far.



Down to Covent Garden and renewed mystification at how many people are entranced by human statues. They had some big Easter eggs that I really ought to include in this post, but shan’t. Into the Apple store where two lovely assistants told me to bring in my laptop and my external hard drive and they would see if they could fix the problem. Apparently my machine has still eighteen months to go before being officially declared a dinosaur. I made an appointment.


Resisting the pull of the London Camera Exchange and listening instead to my tum, I caught the bus home. My absolute favourite app has to be the one that tells me how long it will be before my bus arrives.
A longish cuddle with MasterB who cared nothing for my increasingly rumbly tummy. He is really starting to enjoy being groomed. Like Cat, he loves having his face and chin combed, but he is also perfectly relaxed about me combing his trousers. When he had had enough, he went out. I made lunch. I should have photographed it, it was beautiful. Some work on the computer which took much longer than it should have as I forgot the password to my professional organisation. Success at last. I was getting worried that no one from the garage had been in touch, so I popped across to find out what was what. Reassured that Pedro was coming over shortly, I set off to the charity shop with a few bits and bobs weeded from my cupboards. I met an old neighbour who still lives in the block of flats I moved out of in 1986. I haven’t seen her for a while and didn’t realise her mother, who had Alzheimer’s, had died, and that she has recently become a grandmother. Impossible! I remember her daughters as very little girls.
Tease of Yellow

Tease of Yellow

Pedro had taken the car so I knew he must have found a way to get the key and the ignition to acknowledge each other. Another sunny moment. Next stop Bob’s Bikes. The round bit over the pedal has cracked on my bike. Bob reckons he can fix it, and he’ll give the bike a service while he’s at it. Will you clean it? I asked hopefully. No, he smiled. Well, it was worth a try. Home via my neighbour Celia’s and a catch up on news. I know Celia from the poetry group and she wanted to know about Fatima. An early supper; Shepherdess’ Pie with the left over spuds and lentils from last night. Heaven. A cake baked while I ate. I prepared it while supper cooked. Out again for a late evening blood donation. I thought they would be sticking a needle in my arm as soon as I got through the door and packing up around me, but the pace was leisurely to put it mildly.


MasterB, who I had left in the garden, ran to meet me as I walked down the street. With the sunshine, more people are opening their windows, letting the air, and potentially the Ginger Ninja, into their homes. With this in mind, I have attached two further bells to each of his collars. He sounds like a feline Morris dancer. If he starts to take an interest in real ale, I shall know I have gone too far.


21 thoughts on “Today and Tulips

  1. Sounds like a delightfully busy day…….what a treat to see such gorgeous tulips when ours are barely poking their greenery out of the ground here (which the deer immediately nibble off anyway!).


  2. I’ve really enjoyed the reading of your sunny day account. And your gorgeous photos! Thank you, Isobel. Enjoy this brand new spring!

  3. What a fun busy day! I should be that busy and active, maybe I could drop five pounds.. 🙂 Your flowers are all very pretty. Favorite is the top shot with the sunshine hugging every bit of those tulips!

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