Sunny Spring Skies

It is 4th April and I still have the heating on. Something is very wrong. Today it tried to snow again, and at one point there were big swirling flakes of the white stuff outside my windows. Horror! Fortunately it stopped, the bits that had settled on the gutters melted away, and we were back to bits of snow like dandruff once more. The skies are battleship grey, and it is hard to remember that we have had sunny skies, and even warm days, this spring.
Here’s a handful of photos from this spring where it has felt like spring.

I hope that has made you feel better. It worked for me. 🙂


22 thoughts on “Sunny Spring Skies

    • St James’. The Czar gave the first ones to Charles ll to celebrate the restoration of the monarchy. There have been regular ‘top ups’ ever since. The most recent were a few weeks ago.

  1. I agree that it’s the strangest Spring ever…..I don’t think we’ll see snow again BUT it also wouldn’t surprise me….it’s still WAY cooler than it should be. Your sunny shots give us all hope though……..MasterB has his eye on the sky – maybe he’ll just plain WILL Spring to come!


    • 🙂 After trying to get me up while it was still dark – I kept still and did not open my eyes – he slept in for hours. I was starting to think he was ill. He finally emerged from a drawer under the bed, wanted a long cuddle, and then went out. Currently asleep again on the sofa where I shall leave home when I go out in a short while.

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