Of MasterB, Unicorns, Police Helicopters and Daily Chores

I need to get to bed. MasterB has decided a turn around the garden is necessary, so I shall put up a wee post. Before I saw today’s photo challenge, I had taken myself out for a brief walk with my camera to give myself a break from the list of tasks I was steadily working through: Collect car ✓; get car washed ✓; clean silver ✓; renew library books ✓; buy stamps, potatoes, peas and tissues ✓; call X, Y and Z ✓; post letters ✓. You get the picture; scintillating stuff, the necessary if not inspiring day to day things that build up. I thought I might take some photos of blue things, just in the garden. MasterB has a new blue bell on his collar and that was a bit of a challenge to get him, the collar and the bell in the picture and in focus. He’s a lively lad, MasterB.

Himself With Bells On

Himself With Bells On

While I was outside a helicopter buzzed overhead; the police. I follow MPsinthesky on twitter. They post the most fabulous aerial shots of London. MPsonthewater give me a regular fix of Thames photos. I turned my camera skywards, and then trotted off to buy my peas and potatoes (see list above).


The road was closed to traffic. A felony had been committed, and the helicopter was helping in the search. When I came back out of the shop the road was open again, but there was police tape from the bus stop to the bank. I might have photographed it had I not seen this bike:
The Bike

The Bike

I particularly like the unicorn. I didn’t stay to see who got on the bike and rode away, but I’d put my 50p on them not being clad head to toe in lycra.
A Unicorn on the Handlebars

A Unicorn on the Handlebars

What story of Christmas revels does this battered bauble relate?


The whole effect seems quite out of keeping with the maleness of the crossbar. And it makes my own garlanded bike look positively conservative.
Garlanded Bike

Garlanded Bike

It must be time for his nibs to come in now, so sweet dreams, and fingers crossed for a sunny Saturday.


22 thoughts on “Of MasterB, Unicorns, Police Helicopters and Daily Chores

  1. A loely post for the day I got my swanky new pendleton. We are just about to invest in a basket when I saw the shopping basket on the back of the bike. What a fab idea. Now I just have to find my unicorn and I’ll be properly equipped.

  2. Himself is such a beautiful cat!

    That bike is such fun. I must go and buy the Rhino horn for my car, we are wearing them in support of stopping Rhino poaching that is literally exterminating the species;.

  3. I like the decorated bikes! But I have to say that the cute stuff and the Cadbury Creme would not last a second on a bike parked in any city near me!! CH loves your picture of the helicoptor and the picture of the sweet MasterB turned out quite well!!! I think CH should follow MPsinthesky on Twitter. He does not Tweet.. 🙂 Hope you have your sun today Isobel, we have rain forecasted but we will take it.

  4. Well done getting MasterB and the bell all together and in focus. Animals really do challenge us in the photography department (especially when I’m trying to get them with a cell phone). That bike is great and I love the unicorn (had been trying to guess how the unicorn came into the story but wouldn’t have thought that).

    • Most of the time it works. Sometimes I have to wait for a while and he comes running round the corner or over the wall. I jingle my keys and he shows up. I let him have a fair amount of time outside though. I suppose he has just got used to it. Cat was the same. 🙂

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