Showing His Best Side

I was about to head out to work this morning when MasterB’s vet called. She is a big fan of ginger cats, so both Cat and MasterB have been highly appreciated. She fell in love with MasterB on sight, and knowing I had my doubts when I first adopted him she even said she would have him. A few months in, she invited him back to the surgery for a professional photo shoot. His alarmed face now decorates the front of her van.
Today, she explained that she wants to revamp the reminder cards sent out to owners about pet vaccinations. She wondered if I might be able to supply a photo of MasterB standing and side on so she could arrange various bubbles around him saying the different things the vet would do during an annual check up; not just vaccinations, but teeth scaling, ear checks, checking anal glands, and so on. As a quid pro quo, my contact details for cards and calendars of MasterB would appear on the reminder card.
Surely, I said. No problem. I have hundreds of photos of my boy.
Huh. I do have hundreds of photos of him, but having trawled back to July 2012, it was borne on me how few are in profile, and far fewer are standing in profile. Today was sunny. MasterB weas outside, and the sunshine lasted into the evening, so before making dinner I relocated to the garden with my camera. Initially it didn’t go to plan. MasterB rolled on his back, cuddled up to me, chewed some grass, rubbed his chin repeatedly in something I chose not to investigate. I hoped he would leap into the tree and I might get a good picture of him standing on a branch. The back of a garden seat would be pretty good too. I did get some great photos of him in what I think is exactly the pose she wanted, but he was screened by daffodils.
In the end, I sent her this selection. Maybe one will fit the bill. Otherwise, I forsee a lot of sitting outside waiting for MasterB to strike his best pose for posterity. I bet David Bailey would have got the shot in seconds.

My apologies to all the nice people who have liked my recent posts. I have not had time to visit your pages. I hope that I shall soon, and a big thank-you for visiting my page.


16 thoughts on “Showing His Best Side

  1. What a lovely selection of poses for your vet to choose from – I should think there are any number of them that should serve her purpose! He’s quite a handsome model – I’d say this photo shoot qualifies him as a “professional” !


  2. Yes, I think she should manage to find one of those that work. I love MasterB’s stand-up happy tail in that middle snap of the bottom three and that picture on the stairs is too funny. So sweet walking in the grass with those little white flowers. I think you should do the Guardian photo challenge for sure!

    • Thanks PIx. I sent them to her work address, and I know she often is off on Mondays, so I shall hope to hear something by the middle of the week. I like the happy tail one too, and the one by the cherry tree, but i am guessing she would just use his outline, so the background may not matter.

  3. Hey Isobel. Great pictures given Master B is a moving target. I really find feline photography an art in itself. They always tend to avoid the camera. I look forward to seeing which one of his pictures is selected 🙂

    • Thanks Rayya. I missed a call from the vet, but it sounds like there is a photo she likes. I’ll let you know. She will be heading back to Australia in a few years. You never know, she may turn up at your surgery with a photo of MasterB on a canvas bag!

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