An Independent Cat

I have been out for the day, away from London. The forecast was for more sunshine and my friend Carol, the one with whom Izzy the kitten spent her second night before heading off to the cattery and eventual rehoming, agreed to look after MasterB so that he need not be confined. I sent her a text to say he was in the garden. There was food and a note (for Carol, not MasterB) in the kitchen.
I checked my ‘phone about eleven and was a bit surprised to find no message from her. I called. He’s having a lovely time outside, she told me, really enjoying himself. He doesn’t want to go in. Fine.

I turned my ‘phone off to conserve the battery. Back in London, it was nearly seven o’clock. I had left home at eight this morning. I was by the river, thinking about accepting an invitation to go for a drink. I turned my ‘phone back on and saw there was a voice message. I listened. Carol telling me it was five in the evening, and despite several attempts on her part, MasterB had still not come in. I declined the drink offer and came home. I jingled my keys as I walked through the garden and looked about. I was feeling a bit anxious. As I turned the corner by the building, MasterB leapt through the gap in the railings and ran towards me.
He trotted up the stairs beside me, and into the flat. I rang Carol to reassure her that he was safe while in the kitchen he ate a few mouthfuls. By the time Carol and I had finished talking he was in the sitting room.
He submitted to a cuddle and to being groomed. I admit in some ways I was quite pleased he hadn’t let Carol entice him indoors. I have always thought he might be a bit to easy for someone to walk off with.
Time to prepare some supper. I was putting some salad together when a howl came from the hallway. I looked. MasterB was by the door asking to go out again. And so it is that after a day when both of us have been apart and outside all day, I have the sofa to myself while MasterB exerts his new, expanded independence.
I have the comfort of a friend calling to invite me to a party next month. At least someone loves me.


17 thoughts on “An Independent Cat

  1. Going out is a problem here. I don’t like leaving them out all the time. Charlie is just too feisty. I found scratches all over him this morning while cuddling. But keeping them in is a problem as Charlie tends to want to play with Jackie, who gets most annoyed. So I have to put them in separate parts of the house. Jackie in the lounge as she knows how to open my bedroom window and Charlie down in the back of the house. I must teach them to be better behaved…sigh !!!

    • I used to leave Cat outside all day if that is what he wanted, but he was more streetwise, and had a look you wouldn’t mess with. I foresee a summer of the flat being treated like a hotel by MasterB. I shall have to keep my fingers crossed he doesn’t get into scrapes. I am fairly sure someone fed him yesterday as he wasn’t hungry when he first came in. That does worry me.

      • We have a lot of trucks around at the moment…a new subdivision being built and as Charlie wanders that worries me a little, but it is the scrapes he gets in to particularly with one neighbours cat that are my main worry…she is 3x his size and he always comes of second best. I wish I could place a protective bubble around them all…alas it is not in my power.

        • Yes, that is a big worry. Cat used to like to sniff underneath delivery lorries; very bad for my health! It is a difficult balance between protecting and giving freedom.

        • I know. Charlie is terrible with any vehicle parked. He doesn’t move when they start them up. I am always searching under friends’ cars when they leave. Especially as my daughter’s BFF is a vet nurse and she told me that is the biggest problem they have with cats…being run over because people assume they will move when they start their cars and not all do !

  2. It sounds like BOTH of you had a rather grand day Isobel…..although apart for much of the time……”touching base” is reassuring for BOTH of you though I think. MasterB is truly Mr. Independent – something Sammy will never be.


    • I seem to have independent minded boys! I think the set up here with a large garden by London standards, neighbours they interact with and lots to watch helps. He has certainly come a long way from the scaredy cat who needed to come in after twenty minutes in the garden. Maybe you need to bring Sammy to London…

    • It was like Cat all over again. He used to come inside to say hello in nice weather, then relocate to the garden almost straightaway. Without Carol saying she would keep an eye on him, he would have been confined indoors all day. She loves all animals.

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