Pink and White Spring

We’re moving into blossom season. Finally, the signs are here. I am heading East shortly, just letting MasterB have a turn outside before the car journey. He has been playing with his girlfriend this morning. They were chasing each other. Unfortunately, most of the action went on behind a car, and as she is still scared of me I had to be content with what could be seen from through the window. It was MsterB’s posture that alerted me to the game in the first place, very alert, looking at something, then pouncing and running.
I took a few photos of my pink and white tulips which I anticipate will be dead by the time I get home.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Until yesterday, when the red and yellow tulips were relocated to the compost, they were in a blue vase in the bedroom. But this is the best vase for tulips, and they look as though they are really enjoying the space.
In contrast, I expect the second amaryllis to be in its full glory by my return. every day it grows a little more, and at least one of the buds looks like it might unfurl by tomorrow.
Watch this space.

12 thoughts on “Pink and White Spring

  1. You inspire me to notice the springtime that is happening at ground level in my garden, never mind the gunmetal gray skies… !!

    Hope MasterB was sufficiently worn out to be calm on the car trip. Enjoy the trip!

  2. Excuse me, Isobel, but what is that matter with a password??? What do I have to do? I was never asked to enter my password before… Is it just for this post or will we have to use a password from now on?

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