Suppertime Afloat

It’s going to be a very early night. MasterB, the birds, the feral colony of cats and I have the marina to ourselves. The quiet is wonderful. Some pix from suppertime with my phone. The iPad connection doesn’t seem to be working very well. Come to that, neither is this!





23 thoughts on “Suppertime Afloat

    • I shall spend some time with her tomorrow. It does sound as though she is gradually shutting down.
      Is it still password protected? I had such problems posting that when it asked for a password I gave one…

  1. I got the password protected note too from WordPress but here I am anyway! MasterB looks nicely tucked in…..I hope you have a nice visit with your boat AND your Mom!


    • I don’t let him off the boat unsupervised. I need to get Da Bird or similar to give him exercise. He gets rather bored I fear, Although he loves sitting up at night when I have gone to bed watching the wildlife out of the window.

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