Marina Thoughts From Home

It was good to have a few days away and reacquaint myself with das Boot. I have a bit of a problem with the water, but I don’t think it’s serious, it’ll be good to get it sorted though, especially before friends join me there next month. I want to be sure the loo will flush!
I took a card from man who was doing some work on another boat where water had got into the engine and caused a lot of damage. Unfortunately, I left it in my pocket, and once through the washing machine it was reduced to bits. He also told me about my erstwhile neighbours at the marina. They were very nice and their boat, a similar design to mine, was immaculate. They had moved to a mooring near a pub on the river and with the bad weather this winter their boat had sunk. Ghastly. Hopefully the insurance will pay up and they can get it restored.

The poor weather has meant a lot of boats are still out of the water. One man was working long hours on his boat getting it ready.
I have a repeated problem with the pontoon knocking the side of the boat. It’s been repaired once, and I see it is happening again. Maybe time to invest in some new huge fenders. Either that, or something to soften the edge of the pontoon. I should never have had a boat had Mother not moved into very sheltered housing. I needed a base where at a moment’s notice I could go with the cat. With hindsight, a caravan would have been more practical, but I do not know of any sites near Mother’s. Being by the water is magical, but scary in winter when it is icy and no one else is around.


16 thoughts on “Marina Thoughts From Home

  1. I didn’t realise you were a jolly tar! These photos are lovely.

    When I get the email, they are set out individually with a title but I’ve noticed when I’ve done it, like yours, they come out on the blog as a gallery. It is nice sometimes to have the titles I think.

  2. I’m sure there’s nothing as nice as being on das boot when the weather is beautiful……perhaps next visit you’ll be able to track down the man whose business card got “washed” and he can help with the wonky loo problem! I love being on the water – it’s just so quiet (usually) and soothing. In the Winter I imagine there’s just an “amplification” of the cold when you’re on the water though. Boats are – perhaps – a mixed blessing?!

    Lovely photos Isobel………….Pam

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