A Tale of Two Gingers

This is the ginger ninja. Later this week it’ll be two years since I brought him home; a flea infested pre-adolescent with a pretty face.

Springtime Ginger Ninja

Springtime Ginger Ninja

Now look at him. He’s happy and healthy, an active, mischievous, confident and much loved boy.

This is Ginger. I reckon he’s about the same age, or maybe just a bit older than MasterB. But what diffferent circumstances. Ginger lives on the streets. He needs a home. He’s even taking active steps to find one, but it isn’t working out.

Ginger Needs a Home

Ginger Needs a Home

The home he has his eye on is Rosie’s. She is not happy. Her owners are not happy. Ginger is not only eating Rosie’s food – actually they don’t mind that much, Sonny the feral also eats Rosie’s food and sheltered in their house on firework night – but he is also spraying the house liberally. They don’t want to get a catflap that excludes all cats but Rosie, as that would stop Sonny coming in, and they have a big soft spot for Sonny. Rosie seems to like him too.
It gets worse. After a day out, they came home last night to find Ginger in their daughter’s bedroom. He bolted. Then they found that he had had a stomach upset. The evidence was all over a sheepskin rug, a wedding present. They no longer have the rug. Being nice people they would like to get Ginger a home. We need to catch him first. Although he lets me stroke him, I can’t pick him up. He looks as though he has an abscess on his face as half of it is swollen. Poor Ginger. I look at him and think that MasterB could be in the same position, trying to survive on the street, sneaking into people’s homes, eating another cat’s biscuits. Ginger isn’t feral. He’s timid, but not wild. My guess is that as soon as he matured and started to spray he was turfed out of his home. Maybe it happened earlier than that. We humans are not always very good to our animals. We have a lot to answer for. He’s a nice cat. I hope we can catch him before much longer.


25 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Gingers

  1. If you’ve not been able to catch him by hand, could you borrow a “trap” cat box from a (feral) cat rescue? The fact that the garden is enclosed and locked means that it would be safe. If you go to the garden with MasterB’s basket when Ginger is around, but don’t try anything, Ginger will get used to it being a non threatening object.

    • We may be able to get a trap box, but the advice is that we are around when it is in situe. Lots of people come into my garden and he would be vulnerable and probably very scared., especially if the gardeners turn up who are very fond of noisy machines. I might try catnip in the travel box. All academic at the moment as he has not been sighted since Sunday night.

  2. Poor Ginger……he’s probably miserable with that swollen face. It’s no life for a cat being a “scrounger” that’s for sure. I hope you’re able to capture him somehow Isobel. Just the fact you’d LIKE to is lovely…….I’m hoping it happens soon. As for MasterB – TWO YEARS? Can it really be that long? wow…..time truly does fly


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