April is for Cycling

Last Year I accepted the challenge to cycle every day of the month. I failed. The weather last year was wet. Very wet. Not having an exercise bike, I resorted to cycling by proxy, reading Andrew’s entertaining Good Vibrations. He’s off again this summer, so another wet April, I hope to comfort myself by reading the sequel.
This year I signed up for the challenge again, but acknowledged there would be several days when I would not be on two wheels. Some days I’d be afloat, some days the bus would be more practical for what I need to do and where I need to go.
So I am hoping today qualifies as two days. I was on my bike, so I get a nice tick for that. I also took some pictures.
I have posted photos of this wonderful piece of topiary before, but that’s no reason not to celebrate it again. Also, this time there are tulips.

Topiary Bike With Tulips

Topiary Bike With Tulips

Had it not been for a park vehicle moving very slowly and with absolutely no regard for anyone else – no indication, blocking the path – I probably should not have realised there is a new cycling reference in the park. It must have been there when I went by this morning, but I didn’t notice it.
I am guessing that they are going to be planted with flowers, and I am really looking forward to seeing what they look like in a couple of months when it is midsummer. They look fabulous now, so in June they should be gorgeous.


19 thoughts on “April is for Cycling

  1. Good luck on the bike Isobel. Great pics. I was fully intending to do the April challenge but got ill and am only now able to get back in the saddle. Maybe I’ll do May instead… 🙂

    • I had a quick look when I went by today to see if there were any plants but not yet. Or maybe I am wrong about the plants; maybe they will be covered with another material. Fun to see!

  2. Very very cool photos Isobel! I am glad you are doing the challenge. Getting in the days you can is better than not having done it at all. I bet you love it! Guess what! I am a Great Aunt!! We just got back from a couple days out of town holding our Great Nephew! Born April 15!!

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