Second Anniversary

It’s two years tonight since I brought MasterB home on the train. I wrote about it here. He was called Facebook then, and my guess is he features on innumerable pages. I didn’t really want him, but the next morning having left him alone with his flea infestation in the bathroom, I was surprised how anxious I was to get back to him. I didn’t love him, but I was concerned about him.

How things change. They say the worst part of grieving lasts two years. I have grieved for Cat, and maybe MasterB has grieved for the students who loved him and saved him from the streets. Gradually my love for my ginger ninja has grown, and now I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I love him as much as I loved Cat. He is a very different character and that’s great too.
People say animals don’t love you. Maybe animals say humans don’t love them. MasterB shows me increasing affection; wants to be with me; rolls over on his back when I come home; head butts me gently; purrs when I speak to him. It’ll do. Believe me, it’ll do.


39 thoughts on “Second Anniversary

  1. What a warm story and my heart is happy for both you and MasterB. Animals are capable of attachment and mourn loss. That sounds like love to me.

  2. I don’t agree with those that say animals don’t love us. Mine show me every day that I’m important in their lives and vice versa. And MasterB is a character, a sweetheart, and oh so adorable.

    • I think they love us too. You only have to see the joy when a pet greets someone s/he knows to see that. Our dachshund originally belonged to my aunt. When we took her on – she was a great barker and would set my aunt’s other dogs off and it was causing a lot of upset with neighbours – and my aunt came to visit, Beccie would be ecstatic. What was good was that she was so happy to see my aunt, but after a while did not want to go with her, she had made her home with us.

  3. A lovely anniversary post…..I know you didn’t really want him at first and he had big shoes (paws?) to fill after Cat but he most certainly has moved in – – – into both your heart and your home. He’s such a handsome boy too – and quite the social butterfly. It’s quite obvious that he adores you – and I’d say that’s definitely a two way street !


    • He is very social, and it is in quite a different way to Cat. MasterB has cat friends, a complete anathema to Cat who just wanted to fight them. Cat loved socialising with people. I used to call him the Leslie Philips of the feline world. I’ll find a link so you can see/hear what I mean.

  4. How quickly time goes by … ! It seems it was yesterday Master B came into your grieving life. I am moved by your loving words about both your two feline companions. Long life to you!

  5. The grief of loss is terrible and does warp the way we look at things at the time. I am so pleased to hear that MasterB has wriggled his way into your heart. I adore that photo of him lying on his back. And, of course animals love us!

  6. Happy Anniversary. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog and sympathy for Murphy’s passing. You understand very well what a loss it is to lose a dear dear member of the family.

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