Sunday Morning



17 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

    • I am sitting on the floor working, and when I look up and to my right the sun is still shining through them with clouds moving across a blue sky behind them. Excellent company!

  1. On each of my trips to Europe, I was dazzled by the flower stands. They took my breath away and made me giddy like a child looking into a candy shop. We very seldom see this in the US. When I first saw your photo I though, Wow, Isobel spends a lot in florists.” Then I remembered how easy and inexpensive it is to have fresh flowers in England. I saw some tulips in the grocer yesterday and wanted to buy some because I had company for dinner last night. I looked them over but couldn’t find a bunch that was fresh looking. It made me sad. Thanks you for giving me tulips this morning. They are lovely.

    • Thanks Pat. These were priced at £7, but I got them for just £1.50 on Friday evening as they had started to open. I walked into the sitting room wherre I am working this afternoon, and i was struck by just how beautiful they were with the light shining through them. I took some pictures of other flowers yesterday, but I have got to keep my mind on my work today. Thanks for giving me the excues for a quick break!

      • I seem to be good at distracting people from work. My pleasure – and thank you for being led astray. πŸ™‚ The tulips I saw yesterday were all out and some of the leaves were dried and brown. Not at all fresh. The were $4 which would be about the same as your 7 – but mine would have been dropping pedals today.

  2. Aww. Very pretty Isobel. I love the colors and that vase is beautiful.
    I ordered a pocket shooter/point and squirt.. πŸ™‚
    I did not use buds last night and it worked but not near as well. I also have headphones which work for me better. Buds are painful!

  3. Isobel I just read the reviews and I am NOT hearing anything but ocean sounds!! Although it does give me pause for thought for downloading an app I am going to go to sleep by and what could be streaming through my sleeping mind.. 😯 I am going to google for a good soothing sounds app!

    • On Android it only got one star, not for content, but because people said it wasn’t working. Have you tried taking passiflora, or putting lavender oil on your pillow?

  4. No but I love lavender! I have a lavender plant in a pot and CH grills our sliced potatoes with lavender on them. I love sticking my nose in the middle of that lavender. I could cut some of the stems off and put them in a little bag under my pillow. I will look for lavender oil.

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