Cat Trap Practice

Things are hotting up in our plans to catch Ginger. He has a swollen face and I can see the puncture wounds from the bite that is causing the trouble.

Ginger Cleans the Plate

Ginger Cleans the Plate

I have doubled my attempts to befriend him, but he has fallen out with MasterB and there have been fisticuffs. He doesn’t trust me enough to pick him up, and yesterday the cattery lent me a cage. Ideally it would go in the neighbours’ kitchen where he likes to snack, but they are not keen. I need to keep an eye on it and hope no one with nefarious attitudes to furry creatures steals it. It is in a corner of the garden. Open and unset. The idea is that Ginger will get used to eating in it and after a few days I can set it, catch him and haul him off to see the vet.
So much for ideas. Ginger won’t go near it. I guess someone has tried something like this before and he’s not falling for it again. MasterB, on the other hand, thinks it is one of the most interesting bits of kit I have ever brought home. He has investigated every bar with great enthusiasm, sat in it, walked through it, sat beside it, marked it as his with the scent glands on his face.
As Ginger will come to me and let me rub his head and even brush his back, the cattery folk think I should be able to scruff him and get him into the pet carrier. I might get bitten, they say, but he probably won’t manage to scratch me. Probably is an interesting word to play with. I have never scruffed a cat. So I need to practise. Poor MasterB, first his erstwhile friend turns aggressive, now I am randomly plucking him by the fur on the back of his neck and lifting him into the air. He has been giving me some funny looks. The first time I was surprised at how heavy he felt. Now I find I immediately cup my hand under his back legs. This would not be a good idea with a frightened Ginger, so I need to up my game and practise scruffing him and holding him at arm’s length.
I’m going to pursue baiting the cage the next couple of days, but I think the scruffing is the best hope, if I only have the courage to do it.
I wish the cattery were nearer.


27 thoughts on “Cat Trap Practice

  1. I applaud you for your efforts. Very sad that Ginger won’t go in the trap. Trying to catch an unwilling cat is never a pleasant experience. You might want to think about having a pair of gloves handy. Poor MasterB. He probably has no idea why you are doing this to him

  2. If you can prevent others from feeding Ginger so she is hungry, and cover the trap with a towel or something, she might go into the trap…especially if you can keep MasterB in for a bit and away from scenting it all the time. Just some thoughts, Sure hope you’re able to get Ginger and get her some care. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    • I shall put the towel in place starightaway. I had forgotten that the cattery advised me to cover it. Thanks.
      BTW Ginger is male, very definitely male and intact and spraying… 🙂 Very happy to lift his tail and show what he is carrying.

      • I’m with derrycats. When I’ve trapped cats I don’t feed for a day, then put the stinkiest food I can find in there. It usually works. Just don’t give up.

        • Trouble is here in London there are scraps from takeaways and so on. If I try to starve him for a day he’ll probably move off to where he can get food. So at the moment I want him to go into the cage. Smelly food sounds a good idea. Any suggestions?

  3. Oops…sorry about getting the gender wrong. All the more reason to catch the guy and get a few things fixed at once! He is lucky that you care about him!

  4. Poor Ginger……well, at least he has you looking out for him (or trying!)……chances are scruffing him will be a very bad experience – he’s not feeling well I’m sure from his abscess and all those claws flailing around will be NOT GOOD….I wonder if you might be able to capture him in a blanket and shove the whole thing in the trap/cage? Gosh – I have no ideas – others will be more helpful than I that’s for sure…..Just BE CAREFUL….poor MasterB….I’m thinking he must be terribly confused. 😦


    • I asked about blankets, but the chances of him escaping are high. I think he would rush off if there were several people about. I just hope I can get him. A few scratches would be worth it.

  5. wrapping/trapping him in a thick towel or blanket sounds good to me….

    poor little hurt Ginger-boy….

    and poor MasterB–wondering what the heck you’re doing to him!

  6. Poor MasterB. What an indignity to be a guinea pig!

    What about the RSPCA. Could they lend you one of the catching grabber pole things? They look barbaric but it’s such a quick process, and worth it for the long term benefits for him.

    • There is a lot of staring going on this morning. Wags is on the wall gazing fixedly at something I can’t see. MasterB is on the ground, changing position every few minutes, but with his attention fully on Wags. He was crying earlier too, but when I spoke to him he didn’t want to know me!
      Interested in the grabber, but I’ll try these methods first.

  7. Hi Isobel! I don’t have anything to add to help. We have trapped many a cat on the Tiny Ten and have no new advice. I think you will get him and I am wishing you luck. He is a handsome guy.

  8. I caught a feral cat once before, but it was a kitten. I placed a shirt over the poor thing, however I will warn you I didn’t walk away scratch free. But I was successful in getting the kitty to the vet and she ended up sticking around the house for a few years. I’m with one spoiled cat, scruffing will not be easy. I wish I wasn’t leaving town, I could pop over and help. Good luck Isobel. It’s wonderful that you want to help him.

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