Good and Not So Good News

If you read this blog at all regularly, you’ll know that the last couple of weeks catching a local stray who has been making a nuisance of himself, and looking a sorry state, has been high on my agenda.
So you’ll understand that last night I rewarded myself with a large glass of red wine. Ginger (his screen name) was safely delivered to the cattery where they run a small cat rescue charity on the side.
Just before eight this morning I got a call from Chris. Ginger had slept well, eaten a hearty meal, and was set for a visit to the vet. She promised I would be called later.

I got the call about half an hour ago. Ginger was back from his visit to the surgery and minus his testicles. The vet had said he was fairly healthy. So that is all good. He was still pretty woozy, said Ann. She went on to explain that he would have had a hefty shot of anaesthetic, not simply for his op, but because of his semi feral status, a status that will make rehoming him so much harder. He may even be brought back here to resume his street life. That worries me as if he returns to raiding people’s houses in this neighbourhood he will not be a welcome boy. The cattery has limited space and limited options.
Ideally, someone who already has a cat, a cat flap and would be prepared to give him lots of time and freedom while he adapts to his testosterone-less state, which could take around three months, would come forward. Finding that person is a challenge of no small order.
Therefore, if you live in or near London, know someone who might want a handsome ginger to grace the garden, and who has the patience to wait and see if he will become the Cat Who Came In From the Cold, or someone with a farm or small-holding who would like him as a barn cat, please please show them this post and ask them to leave a comment.
Spread the word.

21 thoughts on “Good and Not So Good News

  1. So glad to hear Ginger is on the mend and in relatively good health… would certainly be wonderful if he found an understanding home so we (Sam and I) have our fingers and/or paws crossed that as soon as he’s READY, that will happen. Life on the street is tough…..I’d certainly wish better for that wild boy!


  2. There has to be a farm situation that would be able to give him a home. I don’t know where Lorely is located, I thought not far away. She may not appreciate me thinking she is a perfect home but….

  3. Dang, if we were in Colorado I know the perfect place for him. I really hope it all works out and some kind person with land comes forward.

  4. Reblogged this on Under The Oaks and commented:
    Isobel is trying to find a home for the Ginger boy she saved from the streets. AnyBODY in the London area or someone that would not mind a road trip that could give him a loving home? A farm would be a great place for him.

  5. Oh dear Pix, there must be a barn somewhere that is searching for a good mouser…I do hope it all works out…Finally, the sun is shining in Maine…Hope you and CH are well…greetings, Juie. PS I thought of you yesterday, I spied a car license plate that said PIXIE!

  6. I’m a bit confused Pix, is this London, England or a London over there across the pond?Wherever he is, I hope he finds himself a loving home where he’ll be comfortable. xx

  7. It would be wonderful if he could find a home but don’t despair if he has to come back to his hunting ground. If he is neutered and still breaking into houses, he’s going to be a far more attractive proposition if he’s no longer an intact tomcat.

    When Pushkin was terrorising the Kittens, in spite of being very handsome, he wasn’t adopted by anyone, but as soon as he was neutered and went up for adoption, he was snapped up in an instant.

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