Ginger Hot News

I took the cage back tonight and had about ten minutes with Ginger. He was very zen. The best news, he has settled so well today that the cattery reckon he could go to a normal home. That should increase his chances quite a bit.
Also, being ginger and beautiful may work for him.
He was rubbing his head against Ann, despite the fact that yesterday he saw her as The Enemy, an evil human who put him in a basket and took him to the surgery.
He is eating everything put in front of him. He probably doesn’t much like being in a pen, but he is enjoying the meals service.

So if you have been looking at him and thinking, “yep, he’s pretty, but too difficult,” you can think again.
This story may yet have a happy ending. He is young, only about three, the same age as MasterB, but much more serious. He has had to learn to be streetwise, but as Ann said tonight, a sweet boy who has had to toughen up.
Keep spreading the word please, and thank you so much to the people who have already tweeted the previous post. He is a lovely cat, and it would be great to know he is loved and settled in a good home.

11 thoughts on “Ginger Hot News

  1. What a wonderful update on the status of the Ginger Guy……it actually sounds like he’s quite grateful for the shelter and regular meals – and is relaxing – he SO deserves a home.


    • What was so lovely was Ann saying she was seeing the cat I had seen, and how relaxed he looked. Yesterday he was throwing himself at the run and desperate to escape. Today, well I should have taken photos. He is a little star!

    • I am still tempted, but the dynamic between him and MasterB has changed, and I am not sure that it would work out. I think it is preferable that he has his own home where he is the centre of attention and Number One cat.

        • Well, maybe.
          But he would be second fiddle to MasterB and I should love to see him the centre of attention, loved and secure in his forever home. If I should take him, it wold be on trial, and that feels like betrayal for a cat who has already had a rough time.

  2. Good news Good news Good news!!!!! sophiescott you hit it right!!! It sounds like now the cattery is willing to take some time with him?! Such a nice place there Isobel that cares about those kitties! And thank heavens you are there for him. Like Pam says, he SO deserves a home.

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