10 thoughts on “The Lookout

    • Yes, so do I. He is much more at home on the boat and wanting to go ashore at night, but he doesn’t like people walking about. My heart is in my mouth when he’s on the gunwale watching the fish or the birds. I keep thinking he’s going to leap off in pursuit.

  1. Isobel he does look at home and looks like he is enjoying himself. Our Z Cat once took an accidental slip off our dock. She was all interested in CH who was floating in the water. Once she hit the water she wasn’t interested in CH at all. Thankfully our dock was very close to our shoreline and CH was trying to get to her. She did fine but she was a very wet and unhappy cat. Two good things came out of it, she never did it again and it got rid of a ton of hair. She was never allowed down on the dock unless we were with her. She scared the you know what out of me.. 😯 That would be a great calendar picture.. 🙂

    • Cat fell in once. I think the title of the post I wrote was Wet, if you want to find it. It took five towels and three hours to get him dry. I am not convinced MasterB would remember we are surrounded by water if a bird flew above his head.

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